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Eyemouth Tragedy

Eyemouth Tragedy
(John Watt)

By the dire rocks o' Urquhart, though deadly were the signs
Out sailed the Eyemouth 'fyvies' with a thousand baited lines.
Though a glasslike sea and a cloudless sky made the elders bid them stay
But these are the times the brave men die, but the 'halflins" (?)
     held the sway.

Three leagues from the shore the lines were cast while the wind it
     held its breath
And the sails hung limp from every mast and the sea was still as death
For death was the bride that came that day, cut the ribbons from the creels
'Twas a raging wave hit Eyemouth town and took her bonny chiels.

There's many a bride has lost her groom as the death-toll quickly grew,
Craig's and Collin's met their doom,aye, Bargain and Fairbairn too
Maltman, Scott all Eyemouth bred, they died in the wind and rain
Oh, the flooer o' Eyemouth town lay dead, but her sons would rise again.

The grinding turn o' the hearse wheel in October '81
Made every man and woman kneel in prayer for Eyemouth's sons,
For this was the price they had to pay, the livin' and the dead
And the price that Eyemouth paid that day tae earn her daily bread.

Written by John Watt of Fife within the past 20-30 years.
Sung for me by Jim Prior.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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