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Friendly FAC and Green Beret

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Friendly FAC and Green Beret
(Captain John Meyer?)

Friendly FAC, friendly FAC, this is Green Beret
We see you flying high above, out of danger's way.
If you can spare a moment to help your fellow man,
I wish you'd try to find me, and tell me where I am.

Green Beret, oh, Green Beret, this is your friendly FAC
You see me flying overhead while you're still in the sack.
But still I'll try to find you, and set you people straight
But hurry, 'cause it's steak night, and I don't want to be late.

Friendly FAC, friendly FAC, this is Green Beret
We appreciate your helping send us on our way;
But I really wish you'd think of danger on the ground
Tromping through the jungle, while you just FAC around.

Green Beret, oh, Green Beret, this is your friendly FAC
If you no longer need me, I'm gonna head on back;
I'll settle for a souvenir, whatever you can bag
An AK-47 or a bloodstained VC flag.

Friendly FAC, oh friendly FAC, we've just come under fire!
And if you cannot help us, we'll join the angel's choir.
Automatic weapons, we're really getting hit
So hurry with the fighters, 'cause we are in deep shit!

Green Beret, you were cut out, I read you "numbah ten,"
The C Team's telling dirty jokes, so please transmit again;
You've got Charlie cornered? Please don't let him get away
I've sent a call for fighters, but it may take all day.

Friendly FAC, oh friendly FAC, please get your finger out,
We've tangled with a regiment, of that there is no no doubt;
If you can get us out of Charlie's fearful deadly grip
We'll give you FACs a grateful square in our comic strip.

Green Beret, oh, Green Beret, this is your friendly FAC
Let me take some photographs, in case you don't get back.
Turn this way a little. Hold it. That's the style.
You're on Candid Camera, so let me see you smile.

Green Beret! Hey, Green Beret! They're shooting at this FAC!
I hear the bullets whistling by, I hear the rifles' crack.
I'm missing my siesta; I need a taste of rum,
If you no longer need me, I think I'll head for home.

Oh, thank God! Our fighters now are circling overhead
Charlie's going to wish that he had stayed at home in bed.
He's going to meet his maker in the Land that is to be
We're going to blow his body up and set his spirit free.

Friendly FAC and fighters, I hope you see our smoke;
That first strike came too close to us, it really was no joke!
Green Beret, we're holding high. The FAC, he got it wrong
He thought that you were marking the position of the Cong.

Fighters, this is friendly FAC, please hold it high and dry,
We can get this straightened out, if we all really try.
It really doesn't matter if I mark the friend or foe
'Cause you can't hit a cows rear end, no matter where you go.

Fighters, you're cleared in again, just do the best you can
The situation's all fouled up, beyond the help of man.
Just bomb the general area, and when the smoke clears out,
Well, we'll just count the bodies, and let God sort 'em out.

Now most of us are safe at home, we beat the dreaded Cong,
We simply let it all hang out, to help the war along.
Friendly FAC and fighters will always save the day,
Killing off the Charlies, to the last damned Green Beret.

Note: FAC is Forward Air Controller, the airborne observer who
     controls supporting fire for a unit in the field. DE
Recorded on In Country, Broudy et al.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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