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Fair Annie (2)

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Fair Annie (2)

Adieu, adieu, fair Annie he did say
For twelve months and a day,
It's twelve months be rolling round
Fair Annie thought the time being long.

She took her spy glass in her hands
And out of doors she went;
She looked to the East, West, both North and South,
And looked all under the sun.

She thought she saw Lord Thomas a-coming,
All bringing his new briden home.
She called her own seven sons:
I think I see your father a-coming
And bringing your step-mother home.

Come down, come down, dear mother they did say,
Some clothing to put on.
Saying:  All of his merry, merry, merry maids
Might as well to come as one.

Fair Annie she had a silken towel
Hanging on a silver pin,
And she wiped out her watery eyes
As she walked out and in.

The rest of them drunk ale, beer and wine,
But fair Annie she drunk cold well water
To keep her spirits alive.

There is a fair lady in our house,
Before tomorrow morning she'll be dead,
We will call to our waiting-maids
And have her taken out of town.

A word or two, Lord Thomas, she did say,
Before I go away.

I wish my sons was seven greyhounds
And I was a fox on the hill,
And they might have longer ( or more ) breath than I
That they might worry me down.

It's who is your father dear,
And who is your mother,
And who is your brother dear
And who is your sister ?

It's King Henry he's my father dear,
Queen Chatry's my own mother,
Quince* Dudley he's my own brother dear
And fair Annie she's my own sister.
If King Henry he's your own father dear,
Queen Chatry she's your own mother,
Quince Dudley your brother dear,
I'll ensure I'm your own sister.

We have seven ships all on the sea,
They're loaded to the brim,
And five of them I'll give to you
And two will carry me home,
And we'll have Lord Thomas burned.

* Prince?

Child #62
From English Folk Songs in the Southern Appalachians, Sharp
Collected from Mrs. Jane Gentry, N.C. 1916

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