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The Fairy Reel

The Fairy Reel
(John Watt)

Last night i dreamed that I went strollin down the fairy glen
I dreamed I saw the little folk in Ireland once again
I watched them have a ceili around the fairy tree
a hundred thousand welcomes the fairies gave to me.

cho:  Come and see the fairies round the fairy tree
      it is the finest spectacle that eyes could ever see
      you'll see them dance so merrily, they bounce from toe to heel
      come and see the fairies, dance the fairy reel.

They wore shoes of golden leather, cloaks of emerald green
upon their little heads they wore are a scarlet red cobeen
they wore rings of sparkling diamonds, bangles oh so grand
what a wealth of treasure they must have in fairy land.

The king was dancing with the queen, the princess with the prince
and all the other fairies joined in an Irish dance
the music played so sweetly as the moonlit shone
they danced and played together this bunch of leprechauns

When I awoke I lay and thought of all that I had seen
and all those little leprechauns dancing in my dreams
thats why ths Irish people sing and dance and joke
they take a good example from the little fairy folk.

(repeat chorus)
Copyright John Watt
My favourite song about the little folk is called ""The
Fairy Reel"" written and recorded by John Watt, Ireland's
Singing Farmer, about 20 years ago. Available on Cassette
called "John Watt-Ireland's Singing Farmer" (Homespun
Records cat# HRL-127) by calling Outlet Records in Belfast.
Tel   011-44-1232-322826.  Also recorded by Theresa Duffy
on the same label.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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