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The Leprauchan

The Leprauchan
(Robert Dwyer Joyce, (1830-83))

 In a shady nook one moonlight night
 A leprauchan I spied
 With scarlet coat and cap of green A cruiskeen* by his side
 Twas Tick Tack Tick his hammer went
 Upon a weeny shoe
 And I laughed to think of a purse of gold
 But the fairy was laughing too

 With tip toe step and beating heart
 Quiet softly I drew nigh
 There was mischief in his merry face
 A twinkle in his eye
 He hammered and sang with tiny voice
 And drank his mountain dew
 And I laughed to think he was caught at last

 As quick as thought I seized the elf
 "Your fairy purse I cried
 "The purse" he said "Tis in her hand
 That lady by your side
 I turned to look and the elf was off
 Then what was I to do?
 Oh I laughed to think what a fool I'd been
 And the fairy was laughing too.

Cruiskeen" = a jug

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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