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Highland Fairy Lullaby

Highland Fairy Lullaby

I left my baby lying here, lying here, lying here;
I left my baby lying here to go and gather blaeberries.

cho: Ho-van, ho-van gorry o go, gorry o go, gorry o go;
     Ho-van, ho-van gorry o go, I never found my baby o.

I saw the swan upon the lake, etc.,
But never saw my baby o.

I heard the curlew crying far, etc.,
But never heard my baby o

I searched the moorland tarns and then, wandered through the silent glen;
I saw the mist upon the ben, but never saw my baby o.

Macgregor writes, ""A beautiful Highland song, and one of the first
I ever recorded.  It is based on an old Celtic belief that an unattended
baby would be stolen away by the wee folk-the fairies.  Sometimes a
changeling - a supernatural being in human form - would be left in its
place.  I've added some verses, but kept the original chorus, which is very
pleasant to sing, although it doesn't really mean anything. MM

From Jimmie Macgregor's Folk Songs of Scotland

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