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Falling of the Pine

Falling of the Pine

You shanty boys are wanted,
With bold hearts undaunted,
To prepare and go to shanties
Before your youth's decline.
There spectators will wonder
They will gaze at you and ponder
While your noise exceeds the thunder,
By the falling of the pine.

When daylight is a breakin'
From our slumbers we awaken,
When our breakfast we have taken
Our axes we will grind.
Let the frost be e're so keen,
It will never keep us in,
And the woods we'll make to ring
By the falling of the pine.

Brave boys will not forget,
At least they haven't yet,
Our work for to quit
When the sun has failed to shine.
To the shanty we'll come in,
And some songs of love we'll sing,
And the woods we'll cause to ring
By the falling of the pine.

When the season has diminished,
And our winter's work is finished,
From the woods then we are banished
For a little time.
As the days approaches summer,
We will collect our timber,
Yes, we will collect our timber
Into handsome rafts of pine.

Than lions we are more bolder,
And the winter is less colder,
And our axes we will shoulder
And all such pleasures leave behind.
And the rapids we will run,
Do seem to us like fun,
Our troubles are all done
When we're on our rafts of pine.

And when we reach Quebec,
Brave boys will not forget
Their dry throats for to wet,
With good brandy and red wine.
With the pretty girls we'll booze
Till our money is almost used,
But we never will refuse
To go back and fall the pine.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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