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The Family Song

The Family Song
(Uncle Ruth Buell)

Bobby and his sister live with a Ms. and Mister
Who vowed to love for better or for worse.
And Bobby really loves his folks and doesn't understand the jokes --
His mom's a doctor and his dad's a nurse,

And they're a family, a real family!
There may be dust upon the floor;
The roof might leak above,
But they're a family, a real family
That's living in a house that's made of love.

Maya and her mother live alone, there are no other
People in the house, but still they get along.
And their laughing and their singing sound like fifty bells a-ringing
So let's put them in the chorus of our song,

'Cause they're a family, a little family...

Susie and her brother live with their mother
and someone whom their mother loves a lot.
And they've got a cat named Rover, and a dog who won't roll over
And I'll tell you something else that they have got,

They've got a family, a real family...

Copyright Uncle Ruth Buell

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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