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Fanny Blair

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Fanny Blair

Come all you young men and maidens whereever you may be
Beware of false swearing and sad perjury
For it is by a false woman I am wounded so soon
And you see how I am cut down in the height of my bloom.

It was last Monday morning I lay in my bed
A young friend came to me and unto me said
Rise up Dennis Higgins and flee you elsewhere
For they're now down against you for the young Fanny Blair.

Fanny Blair is a girl of eleven years old
And if I was a-dying the truth I'd unfold
It's I never had dealings with her in my time
And it's I have to die for another man's crime

On the day of the trial squire Vernon was there
And it's on the green table he handed Fanny Blair
And the oath that she swore I am ashamed to tell
And the judge spoke up quickly you have told it well

Dennis Higgins of Branfield whither art thou flown
That you are a poor prisoner condemned and alone
If John O'Neil of Shane's Castle only was here
In spite of (Dawson)  n'er known he'd soon set you clear

On the day that young Higgins was condemned to die
The people rose up with a murmuring cry
Go catch her and crop her she's a perjuring whore
Young Dennis is innocent we are very sure

One thing yet remaining I ask you my friends
To wake me in Branfield amongst my dear friends
Bring my body to lie in Merrylee mold
And I hope that great God will pardon my soul

From Songs the Whalemen Sang, Huntington
Collected from the journal of the Java, 1839

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