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Fair Fanny Moore

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Fair Fanny Moore

There's a cot in yonders valley, it's deserted and alone
It has lately been neglected, and is greenly overgrown.

As you enter the door, see the red stains on the floor
Oh that is the blood of the fair Fanny Moore.

Young Fanny was a-blooming, her two lovers came
One offered young Fanny his wealth and his fame.

But all of his riches, it could not allure
The fair burnin' bosom of the fair Fanny Moore.

Young Henry the shepherd was of lowly degree
But he won her fond heart an' accepted was he.

Then quick to the altar he there did secure
The hand an' the heart of the fair Fanny Moore.

As Fanny was a-settin' in her cottage one day
When business had called her fond husband away.

Young Randall the haughty come in at the door
An' clasped in his strong arms the fair Fanny Moore.

Oh spare me, oh spare me, oh spare me, she cried
Oh spare me in mercy, for now I'm a bride.

Oh no, said young Randall, you go to your rest
An' he buried his knife in her snowy white breast.

Young Randall the haughty was taken an' tried
Young Fanny, a-blooming, in her beauty had died.

Young Randall was hung on a tree by the door
For taking the life of the fair Fanny Moore.

Young Henry the shepherd went distracted and wild
He wandered away from his lonely defile.

At length he died an' was carried from the door
An' laid by the side of the fair Fanny Mooore.

From Ozark Folksongs, Randolph
Collected from Mrs Dan Pierce, MO 1928

note: According to Pound, a British import.
DT #337
Laws O38

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