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The Farmer's Alliance

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The Farmer's Alliance

Come all ye honest farmers, and help to right the wrong
Come join the Farmers Union, and push the cause along.
The trusts and politicians have formed a mighty ring
They rule the land with iron, Monopoly is king!

cho: Come, join the Alliance
     Join the alliance
     Join the Alliance
     And help to right our wrongs!

From pine-clad Maine to Texas, from East and West and South,
From Huron's heaving waters to Mississippi's mouth,
Is heard a swelling murmur, a low, but ominous sound
The farmer hosts are gathering upon the battle ground!

Our fifteen million farmers are rising in their might;
They're girding on their armor, and training for the fight;
They'll teach the politician in legislative hall,
He must respect the farmer, who clothes and feeds us all!

From Pennsylvania Songs and Legends, Korson

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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