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Farewell to the Monty

Farewell to the Monty
(John Pandrich)

1.  For many long years the pit's done its best,
    And sets have rolled oot a' flats, north, east and west,
    And all of the rumours that closin' was due,
    They have all been put doon, for alas! it is true.

2.  A meeting was held to discuss the affair,
    And the manager said to us, right then and there:
    "Let's have one last go before this pit is done,
    And show a good profit on each single ton!"

3.  Wey, profits were made, but with stock pilin' high,
    The Coal Board decided this pit has to die,
    And as output comes doon, we get drafted away
    To pits to the east for the rest of wor days.

4.  Wey, I've filled in yon Fan Pit, I've cut in the seam,
    In the Newbiggin Beaumont since I was fifteen,
    I've worked in the sections and in the main coal -
    Man, it's hot doon the Monty, she's a dusty old hole!

5.  So farewell to you, Monty, I knaa your roads well -
    Your wark had been good, and your wark has been hell.
    Ne mair to yor dorty old heap will aa come,
    For your coal is all finished, and your life it is done.

- from the singing of Louis Killen, "The Iron Muse".
     Written by John Pandrich (Johnny Handle) in 1959:  concerns the
     Montagu Pit in West Denton, Co. Durham.

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