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Fathom the Bowl

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Fathom the Bowl

From France we do get brandy, from Jamaica it's rum,
Sweet oranges and lemons from Portugal come;
But stout, ale and cider are England's control,
Bring me the punch ladle, we'll fathom the bowl.

cho: Fathom the bowl, fathom the bowl,
     Bring me the punch ladle, we'll fathom the bowl.

My father he do lie in the depths of the sea,
No stone for his head, but no matter to he;
There's a clear crystal fountain near England do roll
Bring me etc.


My wife she do disturb me as I lay at my ease,
She'll do as she will and she'll say as she please;
My wife is the devil, she's black as the coal,
Bring me etc.

recorded by Cliff Haslam on Clockwinder

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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