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The Feeing Time

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The Feeing Time

As I went down to Glesca
Seekin' for a fee,
Among the rousty fairmers
My hairt it did agree.

cho: Wi' my mush 'n' tush 'n' turridy ush,
     My mush 'n' turridy ee.

An auld rousty fairmer
Cam' steppin' up to mr;
He says, "My decent chappie,
Are ye seekin' For a fee?"

They used to keep the servant maids
For gi'in' the men their grub;
And instead o' gi'in it tae the men
They gi'ed tae the collie dog.

When I gaed tae the stable
There's naethin' there at a',
The auld grey mare lay on her side
The black yen stood gain' the wa'.

Noo, Bessy was a black mare,
They maist are a' the same;
The only time that she wad wark
'Twas when her comin' hame.

But the term-time's comin' on
I dinna gie a damn;
Surc, I'll bundle up my auld bit rags
And gang the road I cam'

From Travellers' Songs, MacColl & Seeger
Collected from John MacDonald

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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