Digital Tradition Mirror

Foggy Mountain Top

Foggy Mountain Top

If I had listened to what mama said
I would not have been here today
Wishing for thing I'll never have
And weeping my sweet life away

   If I was on some foggy mountain top
   I'd sail way out to the west
   I'd sail all around this old wide world
   To the girl I love the best

You caused me to weep, you caused me to mourn
You caused me to leave my home
Oh that lonesome pine and the good old times
I'm on my way back home

Oh when you see that two-faced blonde
There is something you can tell her
She need not fool her time away
A-tryin' to steal my feller

Oh when you come to court me
Put on your navy blue
That long tail "roust-about" you wear
Don't do a thing for you


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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