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The Fig Leaves Are Falling

The Fig Leaves Are Falling
(Alan Sherman)

The fig leaves are falling
All over the place,
And that is a fact that
We've all got to face.
To all of you statues,
Hi-ho, here's looking at yous,
'Cause the fig leaves
Are falling everywhere.

The times are a-changing,
Yes, that's how it looks
In songs, and in movies,
In plays and in books.
With each day, that censor
Gets nervouser and tenser,
As the fig leaves
Go falling everywhere.

It started with Eve, they say
She wore 'em with Adam,
But I don't believe that Eve and Adam
Even had 'em.
That story's too glib, a fib,
A Biblical fable.
People dressed in fig leaves
Simply can't raise Cain, or Abel.

And so if you ever
Should travel to Greece,
You'll see why those sculptors
Can now rest in peace.
Throughout the acropolis,
They're bottomless and topless,
'Cause the fig leaves
are falling everywhere.

That stodgy old music hall
In Radio City
Is showing those shows
Where folks expose their nitty gritty.
Wherever you go, the walls
Are full of graffiti.
Have you seen those scenes from "War And Peace"
Or Warren Beatty?

I heard of a merger,
It happened last June.
Hugh Hefner, he bought the
Chicago Tribute.
So now in the funnies,
Dick Tracy's chasing bunnies,
'Cause the fig leaves are falling.
Ain't it appalling?
Those fig leaves are falling everywhere.

Copyright Alan Sherman

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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