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Finn Waterside

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Finn Waterside

As I roved out one evening, being in the summertime
I heard a voice made me rejoice, to wait I did incline
I overheard my own true love, so sweet as he did sing
"Come down along Finn waterside," he made the woods to ring

My parents thought all in my prime to banish me away
To dwell among the Indians and leave sweet Inver Bay
But I'll let them know, before I go, whatever may betide
That I have a true love of my own, dwells nigh Finn waterside

There is many a clever tall young man lives nigh Finn waterside
But above them all, both great and small, I would rather be his bride
I would rather hear my own true love sing in the month of May
Than all the herring fish or ling that swim round Inver Bay

Farewell unto Finn waterside, where oftime I have been
Likewise unto sweet Inver Bay, adieu you woods so green
You lofty mountains I must cross, they do call Barnesmore
Down by the rocks and yon rural well and along by the salt sea shore

printed in Sam Henry's Songs of the People, p 192
collected from Alex Thompson in County Derry in 1928

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