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Finola the Gem of the Roe

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Finola the Gem of the Roe

In the land of O'Cahan where bleak mountains rise
O'er whose brown ridgy tops now the dusky cloud flies
Deep sunk in a valley a wild flower did grow
And her name was Finola,the gem of the Roe (x2)

From the island of Islay appeared in our view
A youth clad in tartan, as strange as tis true
With a star on his breast and unstrung was his bow
And he sighed for Finola the gem of the Roe (x2)

No more up the streamlets her maidens shall hie
For wan the cold cheek and bedimmed the blue eye
In silent affliction our sorrows shall flow
Since gone is Finola, the gem of the Roe (x2)

Very odd song. Henry has""FINVOLA"" - probably a
mistranscription of ""FIONNUALA""? Any Scottish
links? MR


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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