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Fire in the Hole

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Fire in the Hole
(Mason Daring & John Sales)

You can tell 'em in the country, tell 'em in the town
The miners down in Mingo laid their shovels down.
We won't pull another pillow, load another ton,
Or lift another finger till the union we have won.

cho: Stand up boys, let the bosses know!
     Turn your buckets over, turn your lanterns low;
     There's fire in our hearts and fire in our soul
     But there ain't gonna be no fire in the hole!

Well, Daddy died a miner, grandpa he did too,
I'll bet this coal will kill me 'for my workin' days are through;
In a hole that's dark and dirty, an early grave confined
I plan to make a union for the ones I leave behind.

(Written for the movie Matewan; Recorded on soundtrack album from
Daring Records)

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