Digital Tradition Mirror

Fire Maringo

Fire Maringo

Lift him up and carry him along,
Fire Maringo, fire him away,
Put him down where he belongs,
Fire Maringo, fire him away!

Ease him down and let him lay,
Screw him in and there he'll stay.

Put him in his hole below,
Stay he must and then he'll go.

When I get back to Liverpool town,
I'll toss a line to little Sally Brown.

I'll haul her high and haul her low,
I'll bust her blocks and make her go.

Sally is a pretty little craft,
Hot shot to the fore and rounded in the aft.

Screw the cart and screw him down,
Let's get the hell back to Liverpool town.

Also a cotton screwing shanty

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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