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Fishes Need Bicycles

Fishes Need Bicycles
(Clem Parkinson)

As I was a walking along by the bay
Sing fol de rol addie, sing fol de rol day
I spied a young maiden a wending her way,
Sing fol de rol addie, sing fol de rol day.

I pleaded, fair maiden, will you be my wife?
For women need men as they travel through life,

Yes, women need men, sir, I'm bound to agree,
Like fishes need bicycles down in the sea.

She bade me farewell as along came a pike,
A-ringing his bell, crying, "'ere, mind me bike!"

And now we are married, our children ride tricycles
For women need men like fishes need bicycles.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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