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Good Fish Chowder

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Good Fish Chowder
  from the singing of Joe Hickerson

Jerry Mulligan came to see me
Dropped his hat in the chowder pot
Put it on as he was leaving
Said my word, it's getting hot (2x)

     Good fish chowder, good clam chowder
     Makes you want to cry for more
     Fills you up from your top to your toenails
     Makes you hear the ocean's roar (2x)

Five fat shrimp behind his earlobes
Four fat squid with forty toes
Six fat oysters, eight fat scallops
Hanging from his hair and nose

He turned to me as he was leaving
Said goodbye as he shook my hand
Just as a wave ran down his shirtsleeve
Left me holding a ton of sand

Good clam chowder, good fish chowder
Has anybody seen my shoe
Nancy dropped it in the chowder
I was saving it for the stew


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