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The Fishfinger Song

The Fishfinger Song
(Miles Whooton)

 Come all ye jolly sail-i-ers, who sail across the sea;
 And listen to this story I'm about to tell to thee.
 Concerning them bold Fish-iar lads who sail the seas so wet;
 A-hunting for fish fingers, with a harpoon and a net.

 'Twas in the year of '64,or was it' 63-
 We set sail from Basingstoke , bound for Amer-i-key.
 The storms they was a-ra-ji-ing, and the waves a dreadful sight;
 It took us forty days, me boys, to reach the Isle of Wight.

 Our Captain's name was Gladys, he wore a dress of red;
 Which might have been the reason he was not marr-i-ed.
 He was a gay old sea-bitch and it was his fav-our-ite joy,
 To take a turn around the deck with the handsome cabin boy.

 And then off Iceland's icy shores, a mighty shoal we spied;
 Of Froz-i-en Fish Fin-gi-ers, a-waiting to be fried.
 With our harpoons at the ready my boys, upon that shoal we burst;
 A-las, we was too late me lads, the Japanese had got there first.

 Them Nippon lads came at we, they was a terrible crew;
 A-brandishing tran-sis-ti-ers, and a-giving it the old Kung-Fu.
 We sang them a sea shan-ti-ee, but they did not want to know;
 And they slashed away our mizzen mast with one Karate blow.

 We got back to old Eng-gi-land in a twelve month and a day;
 It would have been much quicker, but we went the pretty way.
 Take warning all ye sail-i-or lads what sails the sea in ships

 Don't ever go fish fing-i-ering, just stick to Cod and Chips


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