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(I've Got) Bigger Fish to Fry

(I've Got) Bigger Fish to Fry
(Tim Woodson)

Sittin' on the bank of that muddy Mississippi,
Watchin' that river roll by.
Got my cane pole up the air, got my bobber throwed way out there.
Gonna catch a big catfish to fry.

Sittin' on my bucket, got my cooler by my side
Got a big ol' can of worms and a bottle of home made wine.
Ain't had a bite in a while, but Lord that's just fine.
Gonna watch that sun go down and drink that home made wine.

Cho:      Lord it don't get no better than this.
     Sittin' on that riverbank, gonna catch me a big old fish.
     Lord if you take me, don't take me tonight.
     Cause I got a big one on the line.

Cane pole hit the water, and I dropped that bottle of wine.
Fell off my bucket tryin' to reel in that line.
Lord it's a big one, could be the biggest of all time.
Don't you know before I pulled him in, that big fish snapped my line?

Recorded by Wildhorse Creek
Lyrics Tim Woodson, Music Tim Woodson, Rob Compton, Pat Stevenson (c) 1995.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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