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Fisher Boy

Fisher Boy

Cho: O, the bonny fisher boy
     That brings the fishes from the sea,
     O, the bonny fisher boy,
     The fisher boy got hold of me.

On Bamboroughshire's rocky shore
Just as you enter Boulmer Row,
There lives the bonny fisher boy,
The fisher boy that beats them all.

My mother sent me out one day
To gather cockles from the sea.
Before I had been long away
The fisher boy fell in with me.

A sailor I will never marry,
Nor soldier, for he's got no brass;
But I will have a fisher boy
Because I am a fisher's lass.

[Boulmer Row is the main street of the village of Bamborough. EP
There is a variant called "The Fisher Laddie." ]
(Traditional Northumberland)


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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