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Jack Haggerty (3)

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Jack Haggerty (3)

I'm a heartbroken raftsman, from Greenville I came
All my worth has departed with the lass I did fame
From the strong darts of Cupid I've suffered much grief
And my heart's broke asunder, I can get no relief.

Of my trouble I'll tell you without much delay
Of the sweet little lassie my heart stole away
She's a blacksmith's fair daughter on the black river side
And I always intended to make her my bride.

I worked on the river where the white waters roar
And my name I engraved on the high, rocky shore
From the boy that stands happy in the dark, burning stream
But my thoughts were on money, she haunted my dream.

I gave her fine jewels and finest of lace
And the costliest muslin her form to embrace
I gave her my wages all for to keep safe
I deprived her of nothing I had on this earth.

While I worked on the river I earned quite a stake
I was steadfast and steady and ne'er played the rake
For a ten fathom river I'm very well known
And they called me Jack Haggerty, the pride of the Ban.

She wrote me a letter which I did receive
And she said from her promise herself she'd relieved
For to wed with another she'd a long time delayed
And the next time I'd see her she'd no more be a maid.


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