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Feller From Fortune

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Feller From Fortune

Oh, there's lots of fish in Bonavist' harbour,
Lots of fish right in around here'
Boys and girls are fishin' together'
Forty-five from Carbonear.

cho: Oh, catch-a-hold this one, catch-a-hold that one
     Swing around this one, swing around she;
     Dance around this one, dance around that one
     Diddle-dum this one, diddle-dum dee.

Oh, Sally is the pride of Cat Harbour,
Ain't been swung since last year,
Drinkin' rum and wine and cassis
What the boys brought home from St Pierre.

Oh, Sally goes to church every Sunday
Not for to sing nor for to hear,
But to see the feller from Fortune
What was down here fishin' the year .

Oh, Sally's got a bouncin' new baby,
Father said that he didn't care,
'Cause she got that from the feller from Fortune
What was down here fishin' the year.

Oh, Uncle George got up in the mornin',
He got up in an 'ell of a tear
And he ripped the arse right out of his britches
Now he's got ne'er pair to wear.

Oh, there's lots of fish in Bonavist' Harbour,
Lots of fishermen in around here;
Swing your partner, Jimmy Joe Jacobs,
I'II be home in the spring of the year.

From Penguin Book of Canada   Folk Songs, Fowke

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