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Flowers of Peace

Flowers of Peace
  by Pete Seeger

Oh the summertime is coming, and the leaves are sweet returning
But those flowers of peace, it's for them I'm really yearning

  Will they bloom, ever bloom?
  Will they bloom in the springtime?
  Oh you flowers of peace
  When the world should be ringtime(?)
  Will ye bloom, ever bloom?

I built my love a bower by a clear, crystal river
But the thing her heart desires is a thing I cannot give her

Oh providence smiled impassive, while I fell on bended knee
Said, the lives of you empires are no more than swarms of bees

If you and I would see those flowers, get up and rouse your
When first the seed I'd planted, it takes long and careful labor

If you and I would see those flowers, go out and till the fertile
It will take more than prayers, it takes hard and sweaty toil

  Obviously to Wild Mountain Thyme

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