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Flying Saucers

Flying Saucers

Our marriage used to be
Like the sweetest harmony.
Everything was peachy at the start.
Like a rocket to the moon,
It was over much too soon.
When she hit me on the head, she broke my heart.

(Sound effect of ceramic saucers smashing to pieces:)
(Smash!) OWW! (Smash!) OOOH! (Smash!) AHAH! (Smash!) OWWW!

CHO: Flying saucers, flying saucers,
     Flying from the hands of my wife,
     Flying saucers, cups and saucers,
     Are breaking up my happy wedding life.

Last night I sure was blissed
When she threw a plate and missed.
I cried, "This is goodbye to our romance."
But she pleaded as she said,
"Though the plate just missed your head,
I'm your wife and I deserve another chance."

(Repeat smashes, groans, and chorus.)

So to science I declare,
For those saucers in the air,
You don't have to look to Jupiter or Mars.
You can solve this mystery.
Find a woman who is free,
Marry her, and you will soon be seeing stars.

Repeat smashes, groans, and chorus


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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