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The Foggy Dew (2)

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The Foggy Dew (2)

I courted her all of the winter
And part of the summer, too,
All the harm that I have done
Was to court a pretty fair maid.

One night she came to my bedside
So bitterly she did weep,
Come to my bed, my pretty fair miss
Get out of the foggy dew.

She laid in my arms until broad daylight
The sun began to shine,
I turned my back on the pretty fair miss
Good-bye, my love, I'm gone.

Towards the first part of the year
She took pale in the face;
Along towards the latter part of the year
She got bigger round the waist.

Along towards the last of the year
She brought me a son,
Now you see as well as I
What the foggy dew has done.

I taken this girl and married her
I loved her as my life;
And I taken this girl and married her
She made me a virtuous wife.

I never throwed it up to her
Damn my eyes if I had
For every time the baby cried
I'd think of the foggy dew.

From Southern Folk Songs From the Southern Appalachians, Sharp
Collected from Mr. Ebe Richards, 1918
DT #333
Laws O3

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