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The Folksingers' Ball (2)

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The Folksingers' Ball (2)

Wha hae ye, lassie?
Wha hae ye noo?
The ane wha hae ye last time,
He canna hae ye noo!

1. Utah Phillips asked Jean Ritchie,
   "If it is not a chore,
   Would you kindly honor us,
   By playing dull some more?"

2. Ritchie answered Phillips,
   "I'll gladly pluck my string,
   If you'd return the favor,
   By learning how to sing!"

3. Then Jack the Village Elliot,
   Came a-stumblin' in,
   His hands were on the lassies,
   But his eyes were on the gin.

4. Yip Harburg argued with a whore,
   About her price this time.
   She was willing for a shilling,
   But he could not spare a dime.

5. Abe Guthrie had a splendid time,
   A-makin' rhymes and puns,
   And since he was the third in line,
   A-takin' buttered buns.

6. Judy Collins told the gang,
   "This has to be a joke,
   Inviting me to this shebang,
   When no longer do I folk."

7. Then in marched -- well, you know who! --
   Acting rather crass,
   Haranguing while he's banging,
   An orange up his ass!

Thanks to Jon, Ada, and others who helped with one or more of the above.
Remember that the ground rules say that this song is now and forever in
the public domain. No copyrights are claimed. I finally decided it's been
long enough since his passing to include a Yip Harburg verse. Maybe it's
time for one about Burl Ives. But let's hold off on Messers. Monroe and
Van Zandt for at least a year. OK? SLS

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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