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Folksinger's Song

Folksinger's Song

Cho: May you never be sorry you traveled this road,
     May you find all the work that you need.
     May your eyes be bright when you're out late at night,
     May never your glory get mixed up with greed.

May you always be paid all the money you're owed,
May you never get shafted and never get snowed,
May you never be forced into anyone's mold,
May your breakfast be hot and your beer always cold.

There's a number of people who'll sit in the rear,
They'll talk through your sets, they will catcall and jeer
A number of people will turn a deaf ear,
Just keep right on playing for those who will hear.

May they clap for your songs, may they laugh at your jokes
May they stay all night long, may they buy you rum cokes,
May they take to dinner and treat you to tokes,
May you make your bed among warm friendly folk.

When the time comes to pack up and ramble along,
May never you wonder just where you belong,
And if you hit hard times may they make you strong.
May every experience lend to your song.

May your heart be light, may you sleep well at night,
And I hope that you find all the love that you need.

  Copyright 1980 Jan C. Marra


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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