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Footprints on My Stomach 2

Footprints on My Stomach 2
(David Hughes, additional verses by Robert Pfeffer)

D                                G
Well, I still recall the first time that I met you
D                                E  A7
I knew then I'd want you for my bride
     D                             G
You served me up the nicest mess o' hawg jowls
      D                    A7             D
With little bitty peas and onions on the side

   G        D
I never knew a woman who could cook the way you do
E                                    A      E        A7
I gained nearly forty pounds and it's all because of you
         D              D7              G
Well, I nearly lost my dinner when you said we'd have to part
               G                 D               A                D
You left your footprints on my stomach when you walked out of my heart

Oh the mobile home's so empty dear without you
I lived for months on cans of pork and beans
And Colonel Sander's Extra-Crispy Chicken
And take-out buckets full of ribs and greens
     Oh I never could replace you so I didn't even try
     And all that I could think of was to sit, and eat, and cry
     I've been hungry for you, darlin', all the time we've been apart
     I've had your  footprints on my stomach since you walked out of my


All the fellas in the truckstop heard me whinin'
So they took it on themselves to all pitch in
And present me with a gift-wrapped "White Trash Cookin'"
To guide me in my very own kitch-IN
     Well I got right into cookin', I just couldn't put it down
     And word got out about me, I had women hangin' 'round
     For my pickled day-old catfish, cooter pie, and kudzu tart
     And they kissed away those footprints from my stomach to my heart.

COMMENTS: I heard this from Michael Cooney.   This was a one-verse song
     composed, according to MC, by David Hughes, a scholar of Japanese
     court music. I wrote the last two verses in May 1997. Rpf

Copyright David Hughes, Robert Pfeffer


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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