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Forsaken Lover

Forsaken Lover

O Johnny is on the water
Let him sink or swim
For if he can live without me
I can live without him

Johnny is a young boy
But still younger am I
For how long has he told me
How constant he would be

I'll take off this black dress
And I'll flourish in green
For I don't care if I'm forsaken
I am only nineteen

O meeting is a pleasure
But to part with him was grief
But an unconstant lover
Is worse than a thief

A thief can but rob you
And take what you have
But an unconstant lover
Will take you to your grave

The grave it will rot you
And turn you to dust
There is scarce one out of twenty
That a young girl can trust

They will court you and kiss you
And get your heart warm
Then, as soon as your back's turned
They'll laugh you to scorn

The cuckoo is a pretty bird
She sings as she flies
She brings us good tidings
And tells us no lies

Forsaken, forsaken
Forsaken am I
He will think himself mistaken
If he thinks that I'll cry

pieces of many songs
from Cox, Folk-Songs of the South

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