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When Fortune Turns the Wheel

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When Fortune Turns the Wheel

Come fill the cup, let's drink about
This nicht, we'll merry be
For friends    and for harmony
Likewise my comrades three
To meet yence mair some other nicht
My secret joy reveal
For I now maun stray so far away
Til fortune turns the wheel

Nae love, nor gold, nor dress I'll take
My estimate of man
But when I meet a friend in need
To stretch a helping hand
To him I'll drink, for him I'll fetch
To him my mind reveal
And friends we'll be, whatever way
Blind fortune turns the wheel
And it's of a lovely lassie
Aye, it's her I'll justly blame
When dark misfortune frowned on me
She denied she knew my name
But friends    by remorse its passed
To her I'll never kneel
I'll sweethearts find, both true and kind
When fortune turns the wheel

O ye dowie hill o Caledon
Likewise sweet Coquetdale
Where friends    binds the firmest ties
And love tells the sweetest tale
Here's to my friends and to my foes
Ye'll ken I wish them well
That we all may meet some other nicht
When fortune turns the wheel

But it's some of my pretended friends
If friends ye may them call
They falsely turned their back on me
When mine was at the wall
Yet in a glass I'll drink their health
Ye'll ken I wish them well
That someday I may pay the debt
When fortune turns the wheel

sung by Lou Killen and Ray Fisher

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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