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When Fortune Turns Her Wheel (2)

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When Fortune Turns Her Wheel (2)

Come fill a glass let's drink about
This night we'll merry be,
For harmony and freenship free
Likewise my comrades three,
To meet ye a'a ance mair ma freens
A sacred joy I feel,
Tho far awa I noo maun stay
Till fortune turns her wheel.

The changes of a conrade state
Ne'er make true freenship less,
For a true Caledonian's heart
Feels warmer for distress;
For I hae met some trusty freens
And tae me they're aye been leal,
Though far awa' I noo maun stray
Till Fortune turns her wheel.

'Tis not vain clothes nor gold he says
That's the estimate o' man,
For when we meet a freen in straights
We shake a freenly hand;
Wi' them I'll sit wi' them we drink
And tae them our mind reveal,
And freens we'll be whatever way
Blind fortune turns her wheel.

But, oh I loved a bonnie lass
And her I'll justly blame,
For when hard fortune on me frowned
She denied she kent my name;
But falsehood by remorse are paid
And tae her I'll never kneel,
I'll sweethearts fine, baith fair and kind,
When fortune turns her wheel.

It's mony the time my hearts been sair
And like tae brak in twa,
Mony's the time my feets been cauld
Comin' in frae the frost and snaw;
Wi' nae yin tae pity me
Nor yet to wish me weel,
But maybe I'll repay them back
When fortune turns her wheel.

Some of my pretended freens
If freens I may them caa,
Proved false and turned their backs on me
When mine was at the waa;
But in a glass I'll let it pass
I'm sure I wish them weel
If my hard fate on them await
May fortune turn her wheel.

Adieu, ye hills o Caledonia
Likewise sweet Avondale,
For freenship binds the strongest ties
Love tells the softest tale;
Adieu, my freens and comrades here
I ken ye wish me weel
And maybe yet, can pay my dept
When Fortune turns her wheel.

From Willie Scott's book Herd Laddie O The Glan

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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