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Fox Hollow Song

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Fox Hollow Song
  by Richard Wilkie

The thunderheads were talking to the Berkshires down below
It was raining in Fox Hollow, but the people would not go
I came to these mountains to hear the people sing
And I won't go home this evening til I hear the last clear ring

We're over from the valleys, from the cities by the sea
To share these days of music with friends and family
There's every kind of instrument that I have ever seen
For every kind of music and dancing on the green

I've seen it bright with sunshine, I've seen the cool grey sky
But I've never heard the voices still or known a song to die
We know the world keeps turning while we are singing here
And we hope to be together in the summer time next year.

   The Fox Hollow Festival of Traditional Music was the
brainchild of Bob (Fiddler) Beers.  It ran for 15 years in the
60s and 70s on his farm in Petersburg NY.  He died about five
years before the Festival did and it was never the same without

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