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Freedom's Pioneers

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Freedom's Pioneers
(James Connolly)

Our feet upon the upward path
Are set where none may tread
Save those who to the rich man's wrath
Dare turn rebellious head
And heart as brave no cringing slave
In all our ranks appears
Our proudest boast, in Labour's host
Were Freedom's Pioneers.

CHO: O, slaves may beg and cowards whine.
     We scorn their foolish fears.
     Be this our plan, to lead the van,
     With Freedom's Pioneers.

Too long upon our toil were built
The palaces of power
When at our touch those forts of guilt
Would crumble in an hour,
Now each day brings on swiftest wings
To their unwilling ears,
The shouts that greet our marching feet
'Tis Freedom's Pioneers!

The rich man's hate, the rich man's pride
Have held us long in awe
Our right to life is still denied,
And wealth still rules the law
But man shall bow no longer now,
But welcome with his cheers
The ringing stroke, to break our yoke
Of Freedom's Pioneers.

(Words, James Connolly; air-the Boys of Wexford.)


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