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The Bull Frog

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The Bull Frog

There was a bull frog living in the spring
     Sing song Polly won't you ky-me-o;
He had such a cold that he could not sing
     Sing song Polly won't you ky-me-o;

cho: Keemo, kymo darowah
     Mahee, mahi, maho
     Nit cap ko bomadiddle nit cap set back
     Sing song Polly won't you ky-me-o;

Oh, I took him out and laid him on the ground
The bull frog winked and looked all around

He rode away to get him a bride
With a sword and a pistol by his side.

But the sun shone bright for there was no rain
So the bull frog jumped in the pond again.

From Traditional American Folk Songs, Warner and Warner
Collected from Lena Bourne Fish, NH, 1941
DT #306

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