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What a Friend We Has in Rhoda!

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What a Friend We Has in Rhoda!
(Dick Greenhaus)
      (Sung, fervently, to: What a Friend We Have in Jesus)

What a friend we have in Rhoda
What a leader! What a boss!
Giving twice what is required,
Double dealing, double-cross.
     See her gang of toadies 'round her
     Grabbing all that they can take,
     See her march out on her mission
     Upright, straight as any snake.

     What a friend we have in Rhoda!
     Any fool can plainly see
     When you have a friend like Rhoda
     You don't need an enemy.

Mouthing liberal convictions,
Tho' of principles bereft,
She's politically dyslexic
Veering right while speaking left.
     Loyal supporters, faithful comrades
     She leaves bleeding in the dust,
     As she charges madly onward
     Seeking unions she can bust.


Just to scratch her itch for power,
She is toiling, night and day,
Giving old Consumers Union
Brand-new, shiny feet of clay.
     The poor and homeless have her weeping
     Tears like any crocodile,
     Don't expect that help's forthcoming
     That just isn't Rhoda's style.

Note: A song that arose from a recent, but bitter, labor dispute
in which Rhoda H. Karpatkin, Executive Director of formerly-
liberal, formerly pro-Labor Consumers Union did a pretty fair job
of union-busting. This odd situation created the odder one of seeing
Consumers Union make the AFL/CIO boycott list twice in four years.


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