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Give Ear to a Frolicksome Ditty

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Give Ear to a Frolicksome Ditty

Give ear to a frolicksome ditty
Of one who a wager would lay,
He'd pass every watch in the city
And never a word would he say, but
     Dal dera rara dal dara etc.

"Stand! Stand!" says the bellman
The constable now come before,
And if a just story you tell, man,
I'll light you home to your own door.

"This is a very late season
Which surely no honest men keep
And therefore it is but just reason
That you in the Compter should sleep."

The constable on the next day, sir,
This comical matter to clear
The gentleman hurried away, sir,
Before my Lord Mayor to appear.

"My Lord, give ear to my story,
While I the truth do relate
The gentleman standing before you
Was seiz'd by me at Cripplegate.

I nothing could hear but his singing
Wherefore in the Compter he lay
And therefore this morning I bring him
To hear what your Lordship will say."

O then out bespoke my Lord's daughter
And for him did thus intercede:
"Dear father, you'll hear that, hereafter,
This is but a wager, indeed."

"Well, daughter, I grant your petition
The gentleman home may repair
But yet, 'tis on this condition
Of paying my officers there."

Thus seeing he might be released
If he his fees did but pay
He then was very well pleased
And so he went singing away.

From Popular Music of the Olden Time, Chappell
Tine used in The Beggar's Opera

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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