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Fuller and Warren

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Fuller and Warren

Ye sons of Columbia, your attention I do crave
While a sorrowful ditty I will tell
Which happened of late in the Indiana state
Of a hero that none could excel.

Like Samson he courted the choice of the fair
And intended to make her his wife,
When like Delilah fair she his heart did ensnare
And it cost him his honor and his life.

A gold ring he gave her as a token of true love,
And the flower was the image of a dove.
They mutually agreed to be married in speed,
And were promised by the powers above.

But this fickle-minded maid had promised to wed
Young Warren, a liver in the place.
With hearts full of woe and with sad overthrow
It ended in shame and disgrace.

When Fuller came to know he was deprived of his dear
Which he'd promised by the powers to wed,
With his heart full of woe straight to Warren he did go
And smiling unto Warren he said:

"Oh, Warren, you have injured me to gratify your cause
By reporting that I'd lost a legal wife.
Now acknowledge that you've wronged me, before I break the law,
Or I will deprive you of your life."

Then Warren said to Fuller: "Your request must be denied;
For my heart to your true love is bound.
Oh! Fuller, I can say this is my wedding day
In spite of all your heroes in town."

Then Fuller, in a passion of love and anger bound,
Which at length caused many for to sigh,
With one fatal shot he killed Warren on the spot,
And smiling said: "I'm ready now to die."

Then Fuller was condemned by the honorable court
Of Laurence burgeneers' [1] for to die,
The ignominious death to hang above the earth
Like Haman on the gallows so high.

When the morning came that brave Fuller was to die,
He smiled and bid the world adieu.
Like aa angel he did stand, for he was a handsome man;
On his breast he wore a ribbon of blue.

Ten thousand spectators then smote upon their breasts,
And the guards dropped a tear from their eye,
Saying: "Cursed be she who has caused this miseree;
In his stead she had ought for to die."

But the mighty God of love looked in anger from above,
And the rope flew asunder as the sands.
Two doctors for their prey they did murder, we might say,
For they hung him by the main strength of hand.

But his body was buried, and the doctors lost their prey,
And the lady deprived of her beau.
And his spirit it exalted above the starry skies,
While they silently lament their doom.

Of all the ancient history that I can understsnd,
Which we're bound by the scripture to believe,
Bad women are essentially the downfall of man,
As Adam was beguiled by Eve.

So, young men, beware, be cautious and be wise
Of such women when you're courting for wives.
Look in Genesis, and Judges, and in Samuel, Kings, and Job,
And the truth of the doctrine you'll find.

For marriage is a lottery and few gain the prize
That's both pleasing to the heart and to the eye.
So those who never marry may well be called wise.
So, gentlemen, excuse me; goodbye.

note: Lawrenceburg is the county seat of Dearborn County; whst the other
two syllables stand for I am at a loss to say. HMB

From Ballads and Songs, Belden
Collected from W.T. Street
DT #704
Laws F16

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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