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Funiculi Funicula

Funiculi Funicula

 Stasera, nina mia, viam sul' monte
 Un passo c'e. Un passo c'e.
 Si vede Francia, Portceddu, la Spagna,
 Io veggo a te. Io veggo a te.
 La testa gira gira intorno intorno
 Intorno a te. Intorno a te.
 E il cuore canta come il primo giorno.
 Ti sposa a me. Ti sposa a me.

 Lesti, lesti via'l monton' su la
 Lesti, lesti via'l monton' su la
 Funiculi, funicula funiculi funicula
 Via'l monton su la, funiculi funicula.

 English translation:
 This evening, little girl, we climb the mountain
 The view to see. The view to see.
 One looks on France and Portugal and Spain,
 It's you I see, it's you I see.
 The head is dizzy whirling 'round and 'round
 With thoughts of thee, with thoughts of thee.
 And the heart, it sings with Eden's sound
 You'll marry me. You'll marry me.

 Joyful, joyful up on the mountain high
 Joyful, joyful up on the mountain high
 Funicula, funiculi, funicula funiculi
 Up on the mountain high funicula funiculi.

 Note: A "funiculare" was a train equipped with a gear which engaged a
 toothed track for climbing steep mountainsides.


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