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Pretty Peggy of Derby, O

Pretty Peggy of Derby, O

There was a regiment of Irish Dragoons,
And they were (all quartered in) Derby, O.  [all marching to]
  The Captain fell in love
  with a pretty chamber-maid,
And her name it was called pretty Peggy, O.

Oh! come down the stairs pretty (Peggy, my dear,) [Peggy, O]
Oh, come down the stairs pretty Peggy O,
  O come down the stairs
  and comb back my hair
And take the last farewell of your darling O.

I tell you now as I told you before
And for what should you teaze me any more
  What will your Mammy think
  when she hears (the Guineas clink),   [you are sick]
And the hautboys are playing before you go.

A soldier's Wife I never will be,
And a soldier shall never lay in bed with me,
  For I will make him stand
  with his hat in his hand
When he stands in the presence of my company.

Then spoke his brother, a stout young man,
A valiant soldier as he was  [incomplete, as was in the land?
  Saying, if she'll not go,
  we shall have sweethearts anew
When we come to the Town of killarny O.  [no cap.]

When we come to the water that runs so clear
That joins the town of Killarney O,
  The Captain did sigh and (say),           [said]
  We are many miles away,
Here's a health to the pretty Girl of Derby O.

When they did come to the last town,
The town they call Killarny O,
  His name was Captain Wade,
  & he died for a maid
And he died for the pretty girl of Derby O.

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