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The Gallant Twenty-Eighth

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The Gallant Twenty-Eighth
(W. H. Godfrey)

Huzza my bonny Badger Boys,
  The gallant Twenty-Eighth,
Who hail from Waukesha, my boys,
  Wisconsin's noble state;
Our motto Forward is, my boys,
  And proudly we will go;
    For there's not one
    Who'll ever run
  From Beauregard and Co.

cho: Hurrah for the gallant Twenty-Eighth,
     My boys, hurrah!
     For fearless they'll meet the foe,
     Who hail from Waukesha.

We have volunteered, my boys,
  Our freedom to defend,
For Uncle Sam wants all his boys,
  The rebellion soon to end;
Those Southern traitors to subdue,
  And teach them well to know
    That Uncle Sam
    Is just the man
  For Beauregard and Co.

Our fathers fought for freedom, boys,
  When they were only few;
We are their sons, my noble boys,
  And we are just as true;
There's not a coward in our ranks,
  Who'd fear to meet the foe;
    We'd scorn the knave
    The coward slave
  To Beauregard and Co.

Old Abe is just the man, my boys,
  To do our work quite well;
He's firm and slow, but sure, my boys,
  To maul those rebels well;
Our fleet has done it's work, you know,
  And thrown a shell or two--
    'Twas glorious fun
    To see them run,
  Jeff., Beauregard and Co.

Our officers are men, my boys,
  Who well know what to do;
Our army, too, are just the boys,
  With courage, always true;
Then volunteer, my boys, and go;
  The war'll be done, you know;
    Go see the fun,
    The rebels run,
  Jeff., Beauregard and Co.

The South is in a fluster, boys,
  Their cotton is no go;
Their darkeys, too, are not the toys
  They thought some time ago;
And Uncle Sam is pluck, they know;
  Our boys have scared them so,
    If four to one
    They all will run,
  Jeff., Beauregard and Co.

When we have won the victory, boys,
  And all the States are true;
Whoever wants to try us, boys,
  Why at it they may go;
Just like the South, they'll learn to know,
  That whip us they can't do;
    They'll have to run
    As they have done,
  Jeff., Beauregard and Co.

Ho! for the Badger State, my boys,
  To the Union ever true;
Our motto Forward is, my boys,
  And forward we will go;
Those negro drivers can't subdue
  Free men, my boys, you know;
    If ten to one
    No Badger'll run,
  From Beauregard and Co.

Three cheers, my bonny Badger boys,
  For this our noble State;
Three cheers for the Officers, my boys,
  Of the gallant Twenty-Eighth;
Where'er they lead, my boys, we'll go,
  And fearless meet the foe,
    Nor be the slaves
    Of the traitorous knaves,
  Jeff., Beauregard and Co.

Written 1862
Note that Godfrey wrote these lyrics shortly after the Twenty-Eighth
reported to Camp Washburn for drill.  The regiment had yet to be
mustered in to United States service and certainly hadn't seen the
battlefield.  One wonders if the cockiness and confidence expressed
in this song held up after receiving a few doses of Confederate

note: 28th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
Tune: "Susanna, Don't You Cry

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