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Will Ye Gang, Love (2)

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Will Ye Gang, Love (2)

My love he stands in yon chaumer door
Combing doob his yellow hair
His curly locks I like to see
I wonder if my love minds on me.

cho: Will ye gang, love, and leave me noo
     Will ye gang, love, and leave me noo
     Will ye forsake your own true love
     And gang wi' a lass that ye never knew?

I wish, I wish, I wish in vain
I wish I were a maid again,
But a maid again I'll never be
Till an apple grows on an orange tree.

I wish, I wish my babe was born
I wish it sat on's daddy's knee
And I myself were deid and gone
And the wavin' grass all o'er me growin'.

As lang as my apron did bide doon
He followed me frae toon tae toon
But noo it's up and above my knee
My lovce gaes by but kens nae me.

Make my grave baith lang and deep
Put a bunch of roses at my head and feet
And in the middle put a turtle dove
Let the people know I died of love.

note: Not only is the sentiment universal, so, apparently,
     are the words. RG
Frm Soodlums 100 Great Scottish Songs

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