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Garlic Song

Garlic Song
(Ruthie Gorton)

There are spices and vegetables that you can grow
Some are under the ground, some grow tall
Though they all have their qualities, this you should know
That the garlic is best of them all

The Egyptians, Phoenicians, the Vikings and Greeks
Babylonians, Danes, and Chinese
On their voyages took enough garlic for weeks
And their enemies died on the breeze

From Biblical times in all parts of the earth
It has cured countless sufferings and ills
If we understood what the garlic is worth
We would throw out our poisons and pills

In Bulgaria's mountains and Russia's wide plains
People live to a hundred years old
For it's juice of the garlic that runs in their veins
Oh it's worth twice it's weight in pure gold

With its selenium, germanium, allicin too
It can fight off all types of disease
So if you've got arthritis, TB, or the flu
Just say, "Peel me a garlic clove, please!"

Plant some cloves in your garden to keep away worms
And the other bad things that kill plants
If you're one of those people concerned about germs
You could drop one or two in your pants

(Repeat first verse)


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