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Men of Garlic

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Men of Garlic
(Robert L. Plunkett)

Men of Garlic, heads so hollow
Where they go the smell must follow
With their drugs and with their Gallo,
Wine, drugs, port and beer!
See them wear, as is their habit,
Mens bikinis made of rabbit
Showing off ten yards of flab, it
Doesn't quite endear!
     See their boasting blunder!
     Like a rolling thunder!
     Watch them press against a dress,
     And whisper "Lady, I was born to plunder!"
Tell them that their smell is evil,
They'll answer "Hygiene's not medieval!"
As they cause a small UPheaval....
Every time they're near!

copyright 1987 R.L.Plunkett
tune "Men of Harlech"

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