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I've Been a Gay Rovin' Young Fellow

I've Been a Gay Rovin' Young Fellow

I've been a gay rovin' young fellow
I've been at it now all me life
I'm a ramblin' and rovin' forever
In every port a new wife

But give me a girl that will love me
And bless me in this happy life
Now dance unto me a fresh caper
A country girl makes a good wife

I've travelled though cold frosty weather
I've travelled through love hot and cold
I have ventured my life on the ocean
'Tis all for the sake of some gold

But now I've returned from the ocean
And landed safe home on the shore
Now blow me and bless me forever
If I goes to sea anymore

I'll send for me friends and relations
I'll send them every one
And all for to make them quite welcome
I'll send for a cask of good rum

Yes, I'll send for a cask of good rum, boys
And two or three barrels of beer
They're all for the welcome the lassie
That greets me at Derry Down fair

Now when I am dead and I'm buried
Sure, that puts and end to me life
Now don't you go sobbing and sighing
But do a good turn for me wife

No, don't you go sobbing and sighing
There's one single thing more do I crave
Wrap me up in me tarpaulin jacket
Come fiddle and dance on my grave

Get six jolly sailors to carry me
Let them get most damnable drunk
And they will run sporting and drinking
As down they will fall with my trunk

Yes, let them run cursing and swearing
Like fellows most damnable mad
They will tip their glass over my coffin
Saying "there goes a true-hearted lad"

traditional Newfoundland as sung by Jim Payne

From the collection of Andrew Draskoy

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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