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Goodbye Maria I'm Off to Korea

Goodbye Maria I'm Off to Korea
(Don Larkin, Joe Simpson, and Ken O'Rourke)

It wasn't long ago that we met in Italy
I was a G.I. Joe, and you were Bella Marie
Soon we were married and then we sailed away
Across the ocean blue to my home in I-O-Way
There we've been living happy as can be
Raising fields of corn and a small family
But now Maria, you must be brave, and smile
We're in another fight, so I must leave you for awhile.

For now it's:
Goodbye Maria, I'm off to Korea
Far across the sea
It's the same old story, it's up to Old Glory
To win another fight for liberty
So, keep the home fires burning
And it won't be long, until I'll be returning
Good Maria, though I'm off to Korea
In my heart you'll always be my Marie.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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